22 October 2008

22nd October - Wednesday

High: 19
Low: -7.0
Rain: (1)
Snow: (0)

It felt really cold this morning. We left the car out of the garage overnight and it was freezing cold inside. It also had a sprinkling of frost (or was it snow) on the back window. It was showing -5 setting off from Okokots and -7 when I got to High River.

Sun was rising as driving to work at 8.15. A fairly clear blue sky by 8.45. It has been a sunny bright day and quite warm with a bit of a light breeze. Wind picked up a bit at around 5pm.

The sky on the drive home was so striking that we had to stop the car and take some pictures (taken at 6.30pm). We have since been told that this was a really good Chinook arch. One of the things we love about being here, the BIG sky. The pictures don't do it justice but it is very hard to keep your eyes on the road at times!!

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