17 November 2008

17th November - Monday

High: 2.5
Low: -1.5
Days we didn't see any sun: (3)
It was a cold, grey start to the day and very foggy (couldn’t see the houses at the opposite side of the lake). There were reports of very slippery conditions on the roads, particularly to the west of Calgary. Driving to work at 8am was OK, the fog had lifted so visibility wasn’t too bad. The local roads in Okotoks and High River along with the highway had been gritted, so were not slippery. There were a few cars in ditches though, so conditions had obviously been worse earlier. This second photo was taken at lunchtime and the fog is showing no signs of clearing, the fog actually got worse and it was a very foggy drive home. It did start to clear at around 6.30pm. We didn't see any sun today.

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