09 January 2009

9th January 2009 - Friday

High: 2
Low: -20
Days we didn't see any sun: (10)
Days swept snow from drive (1)
Days shovelled snow from drive (13)
It was a bright almost cloudless sky this morning and although it was showing -20 on the drive to work, it didn't feel as cold as yesterday as there was no wind and it was really quite sunny from arount 10am. There were lots of reports of slippery roads and accidents in and around the City but the road from Okotoks to High River was in pretty good condition.

By mid-day there was a huge Chinook arch over the mountains, with it came a fair bit of cloud cover, but hopefully we will have some warmer weather to look forward to over the days ahead.

On the drive home it was showing 0 degrees, so it had already warmed up 20 degrees by that point.

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