12 May 2009

12th May 2009 - Tuesday

High: 11.0
Low: 1.0
Days we didn't see any sun: (24)
Days swept snow from drive (1)
Days shovelled snow from drive (20)

It was a fairly bright start to the day, but there was a lot of cloud over the mountains and there looked to be a storm developing. It was +8 at around 08.30, but it felt quite cool. By around 11am it had started to rain lighlty but not for long. It then rained on and off until around 3pm, when it rained fairly continually for the rest of the afternoon and at around 4.30pm it was beginning to turn into sleet but only for a few minutes. It stopped raining at around 6pm and the wind really picked up at about 9pm and continued into the early hours.

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Coffeedoff said...

I love looking at your weather photos