16 June 2010

16th June 2010 - Wednesday

High: 11.6
Low: 6.2
Days we didn't see any sun: (47)
Days swept snow from drive (0)
Days shovelled snow from drive (14)

It was a fairly cloudy and dull start, although there was some brightness to the sky. It was +9 by 8.30am and quite cool. It had started to rain by mid-morning and continued into the afternoon and well into the evening. The temperature remained at +9 for most of the day.

There is currently a weather warning for southern Alberta although it looks as though it will miss Okotoks, High River and Calgary.

Upwards of 100 mm of rain is expected by Friday. In addition, strong winds gusting over 90 km/h are expected Thursday.

A developing low pressure center currently over Montana has caused an area of rain to develop over Southern Alberta. This rain will continue through the week, tapering off Friday as the low track northeastwards into Manitoba. Rainfall totals upwards of 100 mm is expected. Rainfall amounts will be monitored as the system continues to develop.

As the low intensifies tonight and Thursday strong north to northwesterly winds are expected through Southeastern Alberta. Wind gusts of 90 km/h will develop Thursday morning and diminish Thursday evening as the low tracks into Manitoba.

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