22 December 2009

22nd December 2009 - Tuesday

High: -12.0
Low: -15.0
Days we didn't see any sun: (13)
Days swept snow from drive (0)
Days shovelled snow from drive (7)

There was quite a bit of cloud cover this morning, but it was clearing by 8.30am and blue sky could be seen. It was quite cold this morning at -16, but reports said it would feel colder due to a wind chill.

The highway down to High River was in pretty good shape and ploughs and gritters were out in force. There were reports of some slippery road conditions up in Calgary so care was needed.

It was a fairly sunny day and didn't feel quite as cold as predicted. It started to snow early evening and got progressively heavier. We were in Calgary at around 7.30pm and visibility and conditions were very poor for the drive home.

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