04 December 2009

4th December 2009 - Friday

High: 0.5
Low: -13.5
Days we didn't see any sun: (5)
Days swept snow from drive (0)
Days shovelled snow from drive (1)

There was a fair bit of light cloud this morning, but the sky was still bright. It was 0 at 8.30am, but it felt quite cold.

The weather warning is still in effect today and it had started to snow lightly in Okotoks and High River by 9am. By 10am snow fall was quite heavy and conditions were getting worse. As the day went on, wind and blowing snow made conditions brutal and despite the mild terperature, the northerly wind chill made it feel absolutely freezing.

This Highway alert was issued on the AMA site: R C M P in the Calgary area are asking motorists to stay off of the highways. The Queen Elizabeth Highway 2, northbound and southbound is closed between Calgary and Airdrie because of a motor vehicle collision. Highway 2 at the highway 7 intersection near Okotoks is closed due to a multiple vehicle pile-up.
More pictures and a short video can be found at: http://janandeam.blogspot.com/2009/12/brutal-weather-today.html

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