08 July 2009

8th July 2009 - Wednesday

High: 21.0
Low: 4.5
Days we didn't see any sun: (25)
Days swept snow from drive (1)
Days shovelled snow from drive (20)

It was a bright and sunny start with lots of blue sky and virutally no cloud. It was +11 at 8.30am and lovely and warm. By around 1pm in High River it was hot and sunny, but in Okotoks at around 2.30pm there was rain, hail, thunder and lightning. It went quite cool at around 4.30pm and there was a weather watch in place for Okotoks and High River. By around 7pm it started to rain which continued for most of the night.
Tornado watch for:Okotoks - High River - Claresholm issued

Conditions are favourable for the development of funnel clouds or weak tornadoes. These types of funnel clouds form out of large cumulus clouds or very weak thunderstorms and normally do not have the energy to reach the ground. However one or two of these funnels may briefly touch down and can become destructive over a very small area. Treat all funnel clouds and tornadoes seriously and avoid when possible. Should one develop overhead take shelter until it dissipates. Remember these funnel clouds will normally appear with little or no warning.

Environment Canada continues to monitor the situation closely. Please continue to monitor your local media or weatheradio for further updates.

Should you spot a funnel cloud or tornado...And only if it is safe to do so...You can call 1-800-239-0484 to report your sighting. Please note this phone number is for reporting severe weather only.

An unstable airmass combined with Plenty of available moisture could create severe thunderstorms this afternoon over east central Alberta. Environment Canada meteorologists will watch these areas and issue severe thunderstorm warnings if necessary.

A funnel cloud was recently reported near Calgary. More funnel clouds are possible this afternoon along a line extending from Red Deer to south of Calgary. This line will move eastwards through the afternoon.

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